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Service Area

Family Services of Grant County conducts recruitment for the Head Start (Three to Five Program) in Moses Lake, Ephrata, and Soap Lake. Children from outside those city limits may apply depending upon the parent or the school district's willingness to transport child if necessary.

Recruitment is conducted via word of mouth, DSHS is asked to notify TANF eligible families and public service announcements in local newspapers, flyers, and through public awareness events whenever possible. Active recruitment occurs year round as the waiting list is depleted. Referrals are solicited from social service agencies including Maternity Case Management, Birth to Three (or other special services), the lead agency for Family Resource Coordination, doctor's offices, DCFS, WIC, and local school district. Families are often referred via word of mouth from relatives and friends who are receiving services and recommend it to others.

How to Apply

The parents are requested to submit immunization information, income verification and a birth certificate prior to enrollment. Questions regarding eligibility and enrollment can be answered by contacting the FSGC Enrollment Specialist.


The standard for a family of two (Single parent with one child) is $15,730 per year. If this particular family pays rent of $500 per month, thirty-eight percent of their total income would be used up in rent, and the remaining $9,730 would have to cover groceries, diapers, fuel/transportation, laundry, and every other need that families have. Families who qualify for Early Head Start/Head Start are very low income.

In Grant County, Washington many families qualify under the low income criteria. For that reason priority is given to families who face certain risks or difficulties. These risks include teen or very young parents, families with housing concerns, women who are currently pregnant, parents who do not have a high school diploma or GED, those with language barriers who speak something other than English, and those with special needs (handicapping conditions). Family Services of Grant County’s goal is to provide a “helping hand” to parents who face hardships in their lives that may affect their child’s future success.