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What Is the Toddler Class?
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What is the Toddler Classroom?

The Transitional Classroom is a place where toddlers receive their first preschool experience. The children come to school two days a week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here the children learn to eat by themselves, use scissors, tape and glue, "read" stories, and share with one another.

Outside they run, jump and play, and practice being little scientists by learning about their environment. Each child receives a home visit by their teacher two times a month when she shares information with parents. Parents are encouraged to try different activities with their child to help them learn various things. They practice singing, learning new words, and making projects. The children in the transitional classroom have already had the benefit of receiving home based services through Early Head Start.

Here children are talking together while looking at the computer. One child knows how to use the mouse to point at items on the screen. This develops language, fine motor skills (use of small muscles in the hands).