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What is P.A.C.T.?

P.A.C.T. stands for “Parents and Children Together”.

It is collaboration between Head Start’s Pregnancy to Three programs, and the Department of Child and Family Services (D.C.F.S.) to provide specialized services for children in Foster Care.

P.A.C.T.’s goal is to reunify the children with their families. We create a positive, secure and educationally rich environment for children, in which their needs for nurturing, physical care, and learning are met. In this secure environment, we extend a partnership to the children’s parents to increase their knowledge and skill in parenting. We offer opportunities to parents and assist them to improve their ability to understand their child’s verbal and nonverbal cues and effectively meet their child’s needs. The Circle of Security parenting class is offered one day a week for enrolled parents.

The P.A.C.T. team believes it is important to build relationships with the children’s biological parents, foster parents, social workers and child care providers. We meet with or routinely contact these important people in the child’s life, in order to provide consistent care for the child. P.A.C.T. offers a neutral place for those who love and care for the child to work together in the child’s best interests.

P.A.C.T. serves 8 children, their parents and their foster parents in the Moses Lake area. Qualifying children and families are referred to us through D.C.F.S. The P.A.C.T. classroom meets two days per week for 5 hours on Tuesday, Wed-nesday and Thursday. Meals are offered to parents who desire to take part in the class and their children.