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Home Based Services

Early Head Start provides a home-based program for 70 infants and toddlers (and their families) in Grant County. We serve 40 children in Moses Lake and 30 in the Soap Lake/Ephrata area. Ten of these emphasize the special needs of the teen parent. We are able to serve the mother during her pregnancy, and follow the child until they reach three years of age.

In the Home Based program, each family receives a weekly 1 ½ hour home visit by a trained Family Educator. During the visit, parents learn about and practice offering educational activities to their children. Parents are able to learn things they can do with their child to develop their thinking, motor and social skills. Early Head Start Family Educators give special time and attention to individualize the education plans for each child, and to track health, nutrition and developmental progress. They also provide opportunities for parents to receive assistance with their own goal planning and/or receiving needed social services.

Families and children also gather together twice a month for educational and social purposes. Parents have opportunities to learn about their child’s development, time to play with their children and socialize with other parents. Children have opportunities to be in play groups, and experience a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences, toys and activities. The groups also enjoy a nutritious meal or snack together, combining a nice social experience with learning about nutrition, child development, and parent-child interaction.